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A celebration and offering of the rewards and a BIG thank-you to all the supporters of the NY crowdfunding project!

Studio no. 33, at Xpositron,
Elektronsstraat 12, 1014 AP Amsterdam



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(above left)

36 X 41 cm, silk-screened by hand by Olivier Rognon

(above, right)
+ INSITU publication

site specific work + a conversation by Ine Dammers,
art historian
>>> 36 pages, 21 x 21 cm, saddle stitched (wire stapled)
ISBN/EAN: 978-90-826877-0-5

NY_tic_01 / digital print on 283 grs fine art paper /
330 x 483 mm (A3+) / edition 8



NY_tic_02 / digital print on 283 grs fine art paper /
330 x 483 mm (A3+) / edition 8


NY_tic_03 / digital print on 283 grs fine art paper /
330 x 483 mm (A3+) / edition 8

NY_tic_04 / digital print on 283 grs fine art paper /
330 x 483 mm (A3+) / edition 8



The residency is successfully funded! And is scheduled for June , July and August 2017. Backers have received an update through email: BIG THANK YOU for your support!

ISCP Residency Brooklyn, New York, CROWDFUNDING

27 MARCH, 2016

video & updates



Bowery- E Houston, 2011


My name is Gracia Khouw; I am a visual artist and paint sound. In my studio, I paint on canvas and panel, I design on the computer and make collages. I regularly work on projects on location, mostly murals. I work as if I were designing logos: compact and with a clear form. All the essential characteristics of a product or organization are embodied in a single trademark. 

In our daily environment there is a growing number of language images that seems to guide our actions, from billboards and traffic signs on the street to menu bars and pop-up windows on the screen. Looking has become an activity of cutting and pasting: you create in your head instant films of previously seen fragments.
My work is about this way of looking at the world. Language gives me impetus to paint. I use language in different ways, in the form of existing proverbs, quotes, and onomatopoeia, but also in the form of selected words or letters. I use language as the living material of my work.



6th Ave-53rd St, 2011




ISCP Brooklyn


studio, Amsterdam 2016


My project is about language in the streets of New York

I started exploring street images of Manhattan and surroundings in 2011. At that time I was overwhelmed by the city. I fell in love with and collected numerous word-images and symbols that crossed my path.

You don’t find that intensity and sheer volume of word-images and people in The Netherlands. I would very much like to return to investigate them further. I mainly want to find language in the streets: signs, announcements, signs, murals new and old, and their weathered remains on the facades of buildings. But I’d also like to study the constant flow of people who are immune to all the visual disturbances.

I want to gather new material and use these findings and discoveries in new work.

I have successfully applied to the ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Program) in Brooklyn. An invitation for a residency is in place. As soon as I can secure financing, I can plan a three-month residency in New York in 2016/2017.

The residency offers me a place to experiment, to explore new opportunities and to break new ground. The time provided by the ISCP is a unique opportunity to deepen my visual language. Both the city and the ISCP provide an opportunity for exchange between artists, curators and visual language.
I'll take you on a journey there!

With this campaign I hope to raise the money needed for the recidency. I have raised some of the funds required but need to raise more and so I’m reaching out to you.
In terms of content, I want to investigate the relationship between looking at billboards and signage on the one hand, and the visual use of many languages on the street, on the other hand.

Five questions will guide me through this metropolis:
1. What (exactly) do you perceive in this visual abundance?
2. What impact does this have on looking at art?
3. What impact does this have on the perception in general?
4. What do the scale and intensity do to me?
5. How can I translate this dynamic into an image?

I will go into the streets and collect media imagery: moving billboards, old and new murals, neon messages and clips. I will then organize everything into word- images and icons. With my word-images I want to tell new stories.

I'd like to involve you in my project.
From New York, I will send out, for those who want it, a newsletter to keep you updated. Upon returning, I will organize a lecture about my image archive, my adventures and findings. In these ways I hope you can follow the process of my search for word-images.

Thank you for watching this video and many thanks for your support!
Thank you for your donation!


Alexandra Rouppe van der Voort, 2016



€ 10 or more: Thank you for your donation! Thanks for supporting my project! I will keep you updated via my newsletter.


€ 25 or more: Extraordinary! You will receive a postcard from Amsterdam printed for this special occasion and, of course, I will keep you updated via my newsletter.


€ 50 or more: Super! You will receive the latest InSitu publication interview, to be claimed at the presentation in Amsterdam in June 2016


€ 100 or more: Super Cool! You will receive an autographed copy of the latest InSitu publication with an interview, in additional to several postcards in a cool tote bag!


TIP (featured) € 250 or more: WOW!! As a thank you, you will receive a digital print, picture size ca. 29 x 42 cm (made in an edition of 8), and a set of books with recent publications. Both can be claimed in Amsterdam.


€ 550 or more: Fantastic! You will receive a special digital printed diptych measuring ca. 29 x 42 cm (made in an edition of 8) and a set of recent publications. These will be mailed to you anywhere in the world.


€ 750 or more: Magnificent! I will give you a performance for you and your group in the Netherlands, OR a say the word, and I will make a word-image for you (a unique collage or drawing on paper of a 8-letter word)


€ 1250 or more: Formidable! Say the word, and I will make a word-image for you (a unique collage or drawing on paper of a 12-letter word), and give you a set of recent publications.





>> If you have other wishes, or you'd like to support this project in other ways, please let me know!

>>> With thanks to Landa van Vliet, Kathryn Rudy, Noëlle Cuppens, Alexandra Rouppe van der Voort , Hjalmar de Kort for helping me with this crowdfunding project!

>>> Also thanks to Jo Baer, Alex de Vries, Debra Ramsay and Ina Kooper for their support!