18.06 -10.07. 2011, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam / wallpainting, 220 x 200 cm / photography Paul Vos de Wael
New members exhibition (part 1), floor pieces: Truus van den Heuvel, Tomas Hillebrand, wall works: Bart Kleen, Karin Buchholtz


One of the first things I did when I moved to Amsterdam was to apply for membership at the art-society 'Arti et Amicitiae'. Arti was founded in 1839 and not only did its grand stature appeal to me, I like the name too, as you can never have enough art-loving friends nowadays.
'Amicus verus est rara avis' means 'a true friend is a rare bird'. When I asked a lingust friend if he was familiar with the phrase I had googled up, he answered that he had never heard of it before, "... and I hope its not true, " he added.