Design for TriLink building / Location Broekpolder / C
ommissioned by the municipality of Heemskerk, 2007/2008

This project is an outline proposal for a small building which functions as a broadband distribution centre.
Starting point of this design is the impact of global communications technology on interpersonal relations.
The location of this building, at the intersection of the main street of this new housing project and a cycle path,
underlines the constant flow of data caused by the need for people to make contact.

Left: models of the designs
Above: location of the concrete building with iron door (w x d x h ) 268 x 252 x 277 cm

KLKLK is made up of 4 typographical images connected to one another on the sides of the building. Various kinds of arrows
are arranged to form letters, in accordance to our way of writing and reading these letters.
When approaching the location from the north side, the Dutch words 'HEEN EN WEER' are formed, meaning 'back and forth'.
The other side of the building faces a row of houses and marks the entrance of this quarter. On the iron door more white arrows
form a word, 'KLIK' is visible and refers to the sound of clicking of a mouse.

Color variations on the design for the TriLink building
Designs for the Broekpolder project at an early stage

More designs, at an even earlier stage ...