KP consists of 7 enamel plates of 62 x 100 cm each. The title is taken from the Indonesian word 'keleseh peseh' meaning babbling in Dutch or talking gibberish. It used to be a common word in the colonial days of the Dutch East Indies; nowadays nobody seems to remember the reference to the language during the Dutch rule. 'Keleseh peseh' is formed by sound imitation: this is how spoken Dutch sounded to the Indonesians.
A real tongue twister! Read more .

About the work


Location facade of Museum Nusantara, Delft / Commissioned by
Municipality of Delft for CONTOUR 2007, 03.03.07 - 13.05.07
Curator of the exhibition is Jaap van den Ende and Jan Hein Sassen

Photography Guus Ruyven
and Hjalmar de Kort