View of the project space from the CCNOA main space

models of the KT designs

26.03.09 - 19.04.09, CCNOA Project Space / Brussels, Belgium

Wallpainting, 303 x 240 x 260 cm, layers of magenta colored acrylic paint

Four tall letters are each painted on the walls of the project space, inciting you to turn and twirl around the room several times. Where should you start to read to form a word that makes sense? Actually the title 'KT' gives a clue: it stands for 'keta keta', which is Japanese onomatopoeia for laughter. Or just step in the room and take in the light from above: it has a pink glow caused by the layers of magenta painted letters.

CCNOA, a multidisciplinary non-for-profit art center, is located in central Brussels. It has specialized in the international presentation of all forms of contemporary non-objective art, notably painting, sculpture, photography, site-specific installation, video, sound art as well as architecture. Link to CCNOA