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5 Ways to Construct Typographical Architecture
19.08.02 - 19.09.02

Erasmus University Rotterdam / Restaurant Het Recept
situated at the far end of both the Erasmus University and the Medical Centre restaurant.
Collage / material: tapes, photocopies of Excel sheets, vinyl wrap glued on paper
(5x) 150 x 250 cm

Curator Erasmus Gallery: Coty Ampt


AHAHA / 250 x 150 cm (5x) / tape, paper, photocopies, cut and glued

Installation view from hospital entrance


AHAHA investigated five different ways of looking at letterforms and how words are made-up. Having studied the letters ‘A’ and ‘H’ and in combination I found ‘AH’ eluded to perception while ‘HA’ interpretation ‘HA’; ‘AHHA’ became a palindrome urging to be explored. Listed in the same order as on the wall are: (1) ‘A’ ascending perspective; (2) ‘H’ hypothetical sound generator; (3) ‘A’ a small experiment in constructing a hybrid language; (4) ‘H’ abstraction; (5) ‘A’ representation.
The middle ’A’ collage mixed up a selection of words from the three different languages I use most; I selected 20 words beginning with ‘A’ from Dutch, Indonesian and English - and conceived new words. Three collages examined the architectural qualities of the letters ‘A’ and ‘H’.
AHAHA could be read from anywhere in the restaurant.

Installation view from university entrance

AHAHA (details)