AMUT TUMA / 2006
Location: outLINE, Amsterdam - 07.05.06 till 02.06.06
Wallpaintings in an outbuilding of a former hospital
acrylic on walls / (2x) 334 x 548 cm

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Curated by Christine van den Bergh


The outLINE Foundation is an artists’ initiative situated in an 18th century, garden pavilion of a former hospital in East Amsterdam. The floor plan is cross-shaped with above its intersection, a small dome. The chapel-like atmosphere sets you in a contemplative and tranquil mood. I’d taken the notion, or rather - the longing for a sanctuary amidst the hectic of a city - as a starting point for this installation. The mural consisted of 516 hand-painted, 6 x 6cm cross-forms build-up out of transparent layers of sky blue paint; spread over the right and left wings of the pavilion. The crosses formed the made-up palindromes AMUTTUMA and AHOMMOHA, and were a soothing whisper resonating back and forth through the space.



The spatial properties of language and the visual quality of signage were reoccurring themes especially in the earlier works of Gracia Khouw. For AMUT TUMA she introduced a new aspect to her method of working by approaching the subject typographically. The font she developed for this project increased in legibility the further away you stood from the piece. This same tension between language and imagine was also evident in a group of small-scale editions she’d made for and exhibited elsewhere in the exhibition.