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, 2004
Wallpainting for ECHO #1 - Archipel, Apeldoorn
Resonance of Abstract Traditions, 07-02-04 till 07-03-04

Curator: Jasper van der Graaf

TRRRPRRRJRRR / 288 x 252 cm / acrylic on wall / 2004


Exhibition view with paintings by Arjan Janssen and Jan Maarten Voskuil
close-up paintings see grkgrk



The titles I make-up for my work usually originate in basic man-made sounds and vibrations. TRRRPRRJRRR is a self-made onomatopoeia and refers to an earlier series of paintings I made with television-like forms. The format developed for that series was very restrictive: the compositions were minimal with only a form and its’ counter form and limited in size and use of colour. The work was about framing and reframing or how painting can seize a space and structure our perception. In the early stages of designing this piece I decided not to limit myself to that particular format and chose instead to use multiple ones simultaneously. One of which was to define a pictorial space where sounds would reverberate and set out to achieve this by painting the letters to either float a top and under a lemony coloured grid. The formation of the letters in TRRRPRRRJRRR refer to a gesture photographer’s make when ‘framing’ an image in front of them by squaring up thumbs to index fingers.

This mural was painted as part of the exhibition ECHO #1; the first of three presentations by Jasper van der Graaf who chose to show visual artists with a strong connection to the traditions of abstract art. Other participants of ECHO #1 were Jan Maarten Voskuil and Arjan Janssen. A catalogue of ECHO #1, 2, 3 was published by the artists’ initiative Archipel.



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