Watching the River Flow 14.09.07 till 28.10.07
Galerie Blaak 10 / Willem de Kooning Academy Gallery, Rotterdam / Curator Alex de Vries

Flash animations in a double projection
Exhibition with Sonia Rijnhout and Jasper van der Graaf,
click here for exhibition view of their murals.

Link to Vimeo ThisWayWhite

THIS WAY WHITE was first shown in 'Watching the River Flow' at the Blaak 10 Gallery, in Rotterdam. Sonia Rijnhout, who titled the show after a Bob Dylan song had been invited to make a mural during the galleries opening hours. She, in turn had invited Jasper van der Graaf and myself to join her. All the pieces were presented as ‘works in progress’ during the exhibition.

With the song in mind I started selecting letters from the alphabet that ‘flowed’ or moved as in a continuous stream. I chose S, U, Z, Y, W and J and set them one after the other. Every letter seemed to flow in its own way, some gliding, others racing, shoving each other back and forth or skating free, fidgeting, scouring, tumbling, rolling about and some they were jumping. The outcome was an animation, a collage of moving letters searching for similarities between form and sound. THIS WAY WHITE is a ‘work in progress’ from which different versions and animated films were developed such as, THE STILL.

  THIS WAY WHITE 2007 (stills) / Flash animation / 5 min.

HAY 2007 (stills) / Flash animation / 6 min.

In contrast with THIS WAY WHITE, which lets the viewer stand by and observe; this animation
pulls your view into the movements of the letters. The selected characters in this film are all
very sturdy and structured, such as H-A-Y. Their restless activities result in never ending
collisions between form and counter-form, going up and down, or pushing left or right out of the screen.
Like in my paintings, I choose to work with rudimentary principles to make visible our present way of seeing
and understanding of textual images.

Visitors were able to walk back and forth between the two spaces, or relax on sofas, which is
a perfect setting for a private viewing. They had no idea they were looking at letters coming up
in the following order: H-A-Y-W-I-R-E-H-A-R-U-M-S-C-A-R-U-M-H-A-V-O-C until having watched the animation long
enough the letters rolled into words that seemed to fit the picture.

HAY was inspired by an earlier animation titled, UP AND COMING.
Link to Vimeo for HAY



THE STILL 2007 / FLASH animation / 6 min.

As in THIS WAY WHITE, this work deals with fluidity and ones observing it. One by one the letters
S-U-B come on screen, in a sequence of quiet little events. The time frame is specified by
the visibility and disappearance of the letterforms, keeping pace with a kind of an inner motion from within. 

Watching the River Flow / exhibition view of mural by Sonia Rijnhout


Watching the River Flow / exhibition view of murals by Jasper van der Graaf