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Commissioned by Woonbron Housing Corporation,
Rotterdam - Delfshaven / 2003

Location: entrance of the Woonbron office building
Material & measurements: Cow leather fixed to a wood construction, 12 pieces set in the wall with a window to the street /191 x 104cm

This artwork is part of a poetrywalk 'Dichter bij de buurt'
in the Rotterdam-West district, in which 11 artists were assigned
to specific poems and locations.
A public presentation of the complete route took place in 2005.

Read original poem and Dutch translation

Curator: Stichting Straatbeeld / Erne Thuys

Glaura's Braids / 191 x 104 cm/ leather, ink, wood


GLAURA’S BRAIDS signaled the starting point of a poetry walk entitled, ‘Dichter bij de buurt’ where eleven invited artists were assigned a specific poem and location as inspiration for an artwork.

GLAURA’S BRAIDS is based on the poem, ‘Glaura revivida’ by the Brazilian, Carlos Drummond de Andrade (1902-1987). The braids are made from a piece of leather on which the poem was letter for letter hand-punched and painted; after which the leather was cut into three elongated strips that in turn could be easily braided. The braids fragmented the text leaving them just readable enough to, in combination with the familiar smell and feel of leather trigger one’s sentimental longings for the days of ‘old, gold, the aged, manure and bankrupted saddler’s mentioned in the poem.

Glaura's Braids (detail)