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De kromme van TENT. CBK Rotterdam / 16-10-2001 till 25-11-2001
Wall painting, 304 x 1037 cm

Between 1999-2006 a series of murals were executed on a ten-meter long, semi-ovular wall in the central exhibition space of TENT.. Every six weeks an artist was invited to contribute to the series. Each mural had to be completed within two weeks and artists could only work while the gallery was open to the public.

TAKKAT / 304 x 1037 cm / acrylic on wall / photography Bob Goedewaagen


About takkat, text in Dutch by Sonia Rijnhout

study for TAKKAT 1 / 50 x 70 cm / paper, cut and glued


TAKKAT consisted of three identical, rectangular forms with sides curving outwards; reminiscent of classic television screens. The title is a palindrome and just as the title has you reading the same word left to right and back again, when having stood in front of the image you literally eyed it so and became caught up in a linguistic ping pong of sorts. The design questioned at what point do applied, painted objects transform into intrinsic parts of the architecture.


study for TAKKAT 2 / 50 x 70 cm / paper, cut and glued